What is the international course in the graduate school?

This course was established in 2004 as a special Doctoral course (combined Master's and Doctoral program) for foreign students, in which lectures and research instruction are given in English. The purpose of this international course is to nurture young talented individuals (primarily from Asia) by teaching the international-level naval architecture and ocean engineering which have supported a world-leading shipbuilding industry in Japan. Doing so will enable Japan to take a leading role in contributing to the development of international commerce in support of the world economy and in protecting the marine environment.

From 2006 to 2012, the MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) provided three preferential slots for foreign students who wish to study in this international course to receive Japanese government scholarships.
Now (as of March 2014) a new international course on Maritime and Urban Engineering, to be supported by the MEXT, is just about to be launched, in which the Japanese government scholarships shall be granted to six students.

Beginning from 2007, all courses in the graduate school of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering course for ordinary Japanese students have been conducted in English. As a result, it is now possible for Japanese and foreign students to receive identical globally top-level education, delivered in English, in the same classrooms. While internationalism is taken for granted, there are still few divisions and departments at the Osaka University, Graduate School of Engineering where the graduate school courses are conducted entirely in English. Our department is therefore playing a leading role in the internationalization of the Osaka University.

Nearly all graduates of the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering have found employment on the global stage. Through education and research instruction in an international atmosphere at the graduate school, the faculty is also striving to send graduates into the world who have full international competitiveness and strong practical English skills in specialized fields.

Master's and Doctoral Degrees Consistent Course (5-year course)
For National Expenditure Students

Scholarship Benefits for National Expenditure Students

*147,000 yen per month
*Air Ticket (to and from Japan)
*Tuition exempted
Although continuation of the former international course of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering was not admitted as a result of decision in 2012 made by the MEXT, our application for a new international course of Maritime and Urban Engineering was selected in March 2014 through strict evaluation of submitted application documents and subsequent interview at the MEXT, and thus we can start recruiting again excellent foreign students who shall be supported by the MEXT as National Expenditure Students. In this new international course, six preferential slots are provided for foreign students to receive the Japanese government scholarships (147,000 yen per month). However, unlike the former program (until 2012), the new course encompasses the fields of coastal engineering and urban architecture as well in addition to the maritime and ocean engineering. Therefore, in cooperation with other staff in the Division of Global Architecture, the education and research shall be done on, for instance, the disaster prevention, safety and risk analysis, the comprehensive design of space, ocean, land and synthetic system, the new transportation and traffic system, the energy saving and marine renewable energy development, the environmental symbiosis, and so on. We would like to encourage talented individuals in the world to apply to this new international course of Maritime and Urban Engineering!

For more information (including the application form) on the new international course of Maritime and Urban Engineering, please visit the homepage of the international course of Maritime and Urban Engineering: http://maritime-urban.naoe.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp/

English Course

Both foreign and Japanese students can take the same lectures.
"International Course of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering" was established in 2004 for foreign students. The official language in this course is English. To promote cooperation with this International Course, it has also began to give lectures in English also in the usual course of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, and all the lectures shall be given in English from 2007. So, both foreign and Japanese students can take the same lectures, which allows foreign students to take International top-level education without learning Japanese language.

All of the lectures, laboratories and supporting materials for this program will be in English. You will therefore experience educational involvement an easily without your Japanese skills from the moment you enter the program. In addition, as part of this program you will be able to participate in research related to safety in sailing, learning advanced skills in the process to improve the marine environment.

Continuous Education System

The course encompasses both master and doctor courses. Students are expected to enroll in both courses sequentially to obtain both master’s and doctor’s degrees. With both a masters and doctorate level program available, we hope to attract elite candidates from among the world's young scientists.


Through the Basic Course in the first year, the students will acquire solid background in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering. By immersion in Special Research during the ample time of remaining four years, they will attain the master's and doctor's degrees of engineering. Basic course in the first two semesters consists of the following lectures.

Lectures in the first two semesters

* Ship Design
* Design philosophy of Ship Structures
* Elastic-Plastic Analysis of Structures
* Computational Structural Analysis
* Strength of Ships I and II
* Continuum Mechanics
* Hydrodynamics
* Theory of Ship Waves
* Sea keeping of Ships
* Computational Ship and Ocean Hydrodynamics
* Resistance and Propulsion of Ships
* Hydro-Elasticity
* Theory of Ship Motion
* Theory of Dynamics and Control
* Underwater Robotics
* Mechanics of Animal Swimming
and Biomimetic Robots
Applicants who already has master's degree can enroll 3-year doctor course of international graduate course of naval architecture and ocean engineering as a private expenditure student. Since entrance examination, interview and discussion with Professors, will be done through e-mail, you do not need to come to Japan to take an extrance exam.

[2016] Application Deadline:
December 9, 2016

[2016 October] Application