We will perform autonomous tracking and monitoring of spilled plumes of oil and gas from seabed by an underwater buoy robot, autonomous tracking of spilled oil on sea surface and transmission of useful data to a land station through satellites in real time by multiple floating buoy robots, and improvement of the accuracy of simulation for predicting unsteady behavior of spilled oil and gas by incorporating the real time data from these robots.
Technology for an underwater buoy robot equipped with a buoyancy control device and two pairs of rotational fins for guidance and control, and detecting sensors of dissolved gas and oil,
Simulation technology by a model incorporating the phase changes of gas, associated changes in thermodynamics and its impact on the hydrodynamics of plume.
Technology for multiple floating buoy robots equipped with sails of which direction and size are both adjustable and detecting sensor of oil slick on sea surface,
Simulation technology by a model incorporating meteorological model, ocean model, and advection, diffusion and dissipation model of oil particles.
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