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For students who are interested in our lab

In the field of ship intelligence, we are also looking for students from other majors, master's programs, and doctoral programs from other universities.

Those who wish to go on to the master's program

If you wish to go on to another major or university, please be sure to contact us before applying. We strongly recommend that you visit the laboratory to avoid mismatching and lead a better graduate school life. Students from different fields are also welcome. It is also possible to explain the laboratory using a web conferencing system such as Zoom, so please make effective use of it if you are far away.

Those who wish to go on to the doctoral program

As of February 2021, the ship intelligence field has eight doctoral students, and it is a very large family. Everyday there is a lot of research discussions among us. Furthermore, we expect that the number of doctoral students in our laboratory will continue to increase. What we expect from doctoral students is the creation of new value. We hope that you will think for yourself, work and deepen your research through discussions with faculty members, senior students, and junior students, and have a positive influence on each other. People from different fields are especially welcome. "Ship" is a very attractive target as a place to test various cutting-edge technologies as well as ship-specific technology. Develop new technology yourself! We would like students who are enthusiastic to join us as members of this laboratory.

Get in touch with our professors

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Dr. Masahiro SAKAI
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