Publication of ”Bio-mechanisms of Swimming and Flying
Fluid Dynamics, Biomimetic Robots, and Sports Science

    Editors :N. Kato, S. Kamimura
Publisher :Springer-Verlag Tokyo

Year of Issue :2007

Biomechanics studies of animals in swimming and flying can serve an increasing role in understanding the mechanisms that enable animals to move effectively and efficiently in fluid, as well as analyzing the characteristics of their various forms of behavior in fluid. The rich variety of mechanisms employed by swimming and flying organisms has long been an inspiration for engineers and scientists. These areas of research, which form the basis of this volume, include the locomotive mechanisms and behaviors of animals in swimming and flying ranging from microorganisms to dolphins from the biological aspect, hydrodynamics of swimming and flying, biomimetic swimming or flying robots, and sports science. This book follows Bio-mechanisms of Animals in Swimming and Flying published in 2004 including 11 chapters. This time, the book includes 31 chapters on the latest researches into natural autonomous systems and locomotion in both flying and swimming organisms. The area of sports science such as analysis and simulation of human swimming is newly added. The computational frameworks for the modeling, simulation and optimization of animals in swimming and flying demonstrate an important role in the progress of interdisciplinary work in the fields of biology and engineering. An innovative technology is exhibited for the flight of an insect size micro air vehicle. Neuronal science is not only unveiling the locomotion mechanisms of swimming in fish from the aspect of the neuronal activities, but also applied to underwater biomimetic robots. The interdisciplinary works are exhibited in the fields of biology and engineering, yielding real-world benefits in innovative technologies.





  エアロ・アクアバイオメカニズム研究会 (編集)   森北出版(2010年)

大海原を回遊するマグロ,イルカのジャンプ,隊列を組んで飛ぶツル―彼らがもつ独特な生態の理由はなんでしょうか? そこには,水と空気を巧みに利用する動物たちの工夫が隠されています.科学の目で動物たちを観察することで明らかになった,その泳ぎと飛行のメカニズムを紹介します.だれにでも読める,やさしい入門書です.