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STAB&S Conference 2021 - Paper Presentation

STAB&S 2021, the 1st International Conference on the Stability and Safety of Ships and Ocean Vehicles, was organized by MSRC/NAOME at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, UK and held online from 6th to 11th June 2021. Several members from our lab made presentations.

Presentations from Intact Stability Session -:

  • Dr. Umeda Naoya -: Probabilistic estimation of the large heel due to broaching associated with surf-riding for a ship in short-crested irregular waves and its experimental validation.

    Kazuma Matsubara, Naoya Umeda, Akihiko Matsuda

  • Dr. Atsuo Maki-: New Aspects of Stochastic Evaluation of Roll Motion of Ship.

    Atsuo Maki, Leo Dostal, Yuuki Maruyama, Masahiro Sakai, Naoya Umeda

  • Dr. Masahiro Sakai-: Bifurcation in Roll Response of Uncoupled Parametric Roll Equation and Its Estimation by an Averaging Method.

    Masahiro Sakai, Naoya Umeda, Atsuo Maki

  • Miss. Satoko Munakata-: An investigation into false-negative cases for low freeboard ships in vulnerability criteria of dead ship stability.

    Satoko Munakata, Kosuke Takagaki, Naoya Umeda, Hiroaki Koike, Masahiro Sakai, Atsuo Maki, Kohei Manabe, Akihiko Matsuda

  • Mr. Sreenath Subramaniam-: Experimental study on the water-on-deck effect for an offshore supply vessel running in regular and irregular stern quartering waves.

    Sreenath Subramaniam, Naoya Umeda, Akihiko Matsuda, Atsuo Maki

Presentation from Cyber-Physical Systems & Autonomous Vessels Session -:

  • Mr. Dimas, M. Rachman, -: Feasibility Study on the Use of Evolution Strategy: CMA-ES for Ship Automatic Docking Problem

    Dimas M. Rachman, Miyauchi Yoshiki, Naoya Umeda, Atsuo Maki

Check the website of STAB&S 2021 for more details.

A clip from the presentation of Mr. Dimas M. Rachman.

A clip from the presentation of Mr. Sreenath Subramaniam.


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