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9th PAAMES / AMEC 2021 - Paper Presentation

Members from our lab made presentations at the 9th PAAMES / AMEC conference (Pan Asian Association of Maritime Engineering Societies), organised by St-Petersburg State Marine Technical University, Russia. The conference was held in a combined offline-online format from 20th to 22nd Sep 2021.

The topics of the presentation were as follows-:

  • Dr. Masahiro SAKAI -: Numerical Investigation on Loss of Symmetry of Ship Roll Motion in Beam Waves

    Masahiro Sakai, Atsuo Maki, Naoya Umeda

  • Mr. Hiroaki KOIKE-: Parametric Rolling of a Large Cruise Ship in Irregular Beam Waves

    Hiroaki Koike, Naoya Umeda, Takashi Tsuji, Akihiko Matsuda

Check the website of PAAMES for more details.

A clip from the presentation of Dr. Masahiro Sakai.

A clip from the presentation of Mr. Hiroaki Koike.


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