Ship Design Subarea
  2009 Doctor's thesis Vishwanata Nagarajan Comparison of Ships Fitted with Different Rudder Systems in Propulsion and Maneuvering Characteristics
Master's thesis Motoki Araki Broaching Prediction:
Improvement toward Applicability to a Wave-Piercing Tumblehome Vessel
  Yasushi Kitagawa Study on an Interaction between Propeller and Rudder of Single-Propeller Twin-Rudder System
  Naohiro Saito Hydrodynamic Heel Moment Due to Lateral Drift:
An Overlooked Element in Current IMO Weather Criterion
  Kohei Matsubara Maritime Accident Investigation using Intelligent Navigation Simulator
  Shinya Yamamura Designing New Generation Intact Stability Criteria on Broaching
  Kyoung Gun Oh Optimization of Rudder Angle Combination for Twin-Rudder System
  Osman MD. Amin Generalised Mathematical Model for Ship Manoeuvrability Considering Shallow Water Effect
2008 Master's Yoshiyuki Uematsu On Propulsion Performance of a Ship Installed with VecTwin Rudder in Tail Inboard Condition
thesis Yoshiaki Gonno On Special Maneuvering Operation of a Ship Installed with VecTwin Rudder
  Yu Sanya Quantitative Prediction of Parametric Roll in Regular Waves
  Izumi Tsukamoto Practical Non-ergodicity of Parametric Rolling for a Car Carrier in Head Waves
  Eri Maeda On Methodology for Calculating Probability of Ship Capsize in Irregular Beam Wind and Waves
  Sahbi Khanfir Study on the Maneuvering Characteristics of Twin-Propeller Twin-Rudder Ship
Ship Structural Integrity Subarea
  2009 Doctor's thesis Park Joo Shin Buckling/Plastic Collapse Behaviour of Unstiffened and Stiffened Curved Plates
Master's Shinichiro Kurata Statistical Analysis of Nonlinear Vertical Bending Moments in a Ship by POT Method
thesis Tomoki Takami Development and Application of ISUM Plate Element Considering Buckling under Shear
  Yuichi Nagase Ultimate Strength of Ship Hull Girder with Bottom Damage
  Kim Jung Hyun Aero-Hydro-Elastic Time-Domain Response Analysis of a Floating Wind Power System
  Beak Yongkawn Reinforcement of Horizontal Girder in Ships
  2008 Master's
Yuji Inoue Development of ISUM Girder Element Considering Buckling under Combined Bending and Shear
Yuji Sasaki Target Safety Level of Hull Girder Strength of Bulk Carriers and Tankers Based on Risk Model
Hull Form Design Subarea
  2010 Master's thesis Rahman MD. Mahbubar Flow Computation around The Fish-Like Robot with Two Undulating Side Fins
  2009 Master's Yuta Iguchi Wave Pattern Analysis Method using Airy Function
  thesis Kazuhiro Kishi On the Effectiveness of Approximate Solution of Integral Equations on Axis Symmetric Boundary Layer by Coordinate Straining Method
    Kazushi Sasajima A Study on an Underwater Vehicle with Two Undulating Side Fins
    Akihide Takayama 3-D Wave Field Measurement by Reflected Light Image
-Development of Iterative Reconstruction Method for Height from Gradient Problem-
    Kunihisa Matsuda Numerical Ocean Model using Boundary Fitted Coordinate System Including the Effect of Tidal Flat
  2008 Master's thesis Yoshihiro Saito Approximate Solution of Integral Equations on Laminar Boundary Layer and Wake for Coordinate Straining Method.
  Yukihiro Sakuda Numerical Ocean Model Using Boundary Fitted Coordinate System
  Masahi Danno Motion of an Underwater Vehicle with Undulating Fins
-Six Degree of Freedom Mathematical Model and Simulation-
  Hoang Cong Liem Full Scale Experiment for Frictional Resistance Reduction Using Micro-Bubble Injection
Ocean Material Engineering Subarea
  2010 Master's thesis Fredhi Agung Prasetyo Load History Generation Method based on Storm Model for Fatigue Assessment of Ship Structural Members
2009 Master's thesis Masaki Kuwahara Development of a Polycrystalline Homogenization Method Considering the Back Stress of Slip Systems
  Motoki Konishi Study on Influence Factor on the Edge Retention Ratio of Chamfered Rounded Edges
  Ryohei Sugimoto Basic Study on Heat Generation Characteristic of the Burning Work-material during Oxyfuel Gas Cutting
  Hiroyuki Tsuchiya Numerical Simulation of Ship Maneuvering in Level Ice
  Hiroshi Nagai Study on Calculation Precision of Local Stress of Out-of-plane Gusset Welded Joints Evaluated by Shell FE Analysis
2008 Master's thesis Hiroshi Asai Development of a New Crack Propagation Model Which Takes into Account Load History Effect on Plastic Region Size
  Shota Okada Study on the Accuracy of Influence Coefficient Method When Applied to Surface Cracks in a Welded Joint in a Ship Structure
  Kota Sakamoto Development of a Full-Automatic Heat Source Identification System for an Induction Line Heating Robot
  Masashi Taniguchi Numerical Simulation of Cyclic Crystalline Slip Behavior in the Vicinity of a Fatigue Crack Tip
  Tsutomu Fujiwara Study on Accuracy of Shell FE-based Estimation Techniques for Structural Hot Spot Stress of Welded Joints in a Ship Structure
Ocean Space Development Subarea
  2009 Master's Shuhei Osada Simulation of Sea-state Time Series in North Pacific by Autoregressive Model
thesis Takuro Hiramatsu Sailing Performance and Structural Strength of a VLMOS for Wind Power Plant
  Tomohiro Kagotani Development of a Practical Unified Theory and Its Validation with Experiments
  Oleksiy Bondarenko Safe Operation of Ship Propulsion Plant in Actual Sea
  Faisal Mahmuddin Numerical Analysis of Irregular-Shaped Floating Breakwater
2008 Master's Takehiro Ikeda Effects of Variation of Draft on Added Resistance in Waves
thesis Mamoru Ishiguro Hydroelastic Response of a Mono-hull Type VLMOS in Waves
  Yuto Korogi Sailing Performance of a Very Large Mobile Offshore Structure for Wind Power Plant
  Ryo Takahashi Generation of Extreme Wave Composed of Ring Waves in a Circular Basin
  Noriko Hase Evaluation of Ship Performance in Actual Seas by Stochastic Time-series of Sea-states
Marine Mechanical System Engineering Subarea
  2010 Master's thesis Sun Xiaoqian Analysis of Fluid-Sructure Interaction of Oscillating Flexible Fins
2009 Master's So Ueda CFD-based Motion Control Simulation of Underwater Vehicle in Wake Flows
thesis Yoshimasa Kawamura Design and Development of an Amphibious Robot with Fin Actuators
  Hoshitaro Hyodo Underwater Navigation for Long-Range Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Using Geomagnetic and Bathymetric Information
2008 Master's Tsuyoshi Shimamura Numerical Analysis on Motion of Submerged Body in Waves
thesis Kengo Nakajima Control of an Underwater Vehicle under Wave Disturbances
  Hiroki Niou Sea Trials of Spilled Oil Tracking Autonomous Underwater Buoy System
  Teppei Hae Application of a Vortex Method in 3-D Unsteady Flows
  Tomoyuki Miyagawa Analysis of the Flow Field around a Circular Cylinder Oscillating in 8-shape Mode
  Yohei Mukumoto Numerical Simulation of Spilled Oil Drifting after Nakhodka Accident Using POM and WRF
Mathematical Modeling and Computational Analysis Subarea
  2009 Master's Shinji Sato Optimization of Welding Sequence to Minimize Welding Distortion in Car Deck Panel Assembly
thesis Reiko Sato Measurement of Welding Residual Stress of Coolant Pipe Joint in Nuclear Reactor Plant by Inherent Strain Method
  Isao Shibahara Ship Structural Response to Slamming
-Considering Water Compressibility and Fluid Structure Interaction-
  Takeaki Tsujimoto Mechanism and Effect of Stress-induced Transformation on Improvement of Fracture Toughness
2008 Master's thesis Mineki Sato Measurement of Welding Residual Stress of Reactor Vessel by Inherent Strain Method
-Improvement of Accuracy by Searching Optimum Position of Origin of Inherent Strain Distribution Function-
  Yusuke Tajima Prediction and Control Methods to Reduce Distortion of Deck Panels Produced during Block Assembly of Car Carrier
  Isaku Chimura Prediction of Welding Distortion by Inherent Strain Method for Thick Plate Structures Produced by Multi-Layer Welding