Q & A
In the case I will be a student in International Course of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering,
is it possible to find a scholarship if I do not obtain the Japanese government scholarship?
Yes, some Japanese companies support scholarship for international students therefore
you always have chance to apply for a scholarship from these companies.
Details about these scholarships will be sent to you from University or department office.
Is it difficult to study in this course without knowing Japanese?
For your studying, it is okay because lectures will be given in English.
But for your living, it will be better if you can understand Japanese to some extent.
You can learn Japanese in Osaka University. Free Japanese classes are available for international students.
How do you feel about the quality of educational standards of Osaka University?
Osaka University is considered to be one of the highly influential and prestigious universities in Japan.
For decades, it has provided the reliable service of education among the generations of engineers,
doctors, technicians, job personnel, etc. Students here can develop their own way of thinking through
their research work without any constraints.
As well as the constant supervision of the professors makes it easier for them
to approach towards the ultimate goal of finishing their research work successfully.
The learning process primarily involves the strengthening of the student's theoretical background;
which is supported by the excellent state of the art research facilities and environment.
It is the balanced combination of the both that made the educational system of Osaka University
so alluring to both local and foreign students.