Sengel Mehmet Ali
Istanbul Technical University

Q1: Please tell us about your current research.
My research is into the control and mathematical analysis of tiny warps that occur during the welding process in shipbuilding. These tiny warps can become an extremely big problem for a massive structure like a ship, and can invite structural weakening in the hull block that forms the outer shape of the ship and its external hull. As analysis of these problems has an impact on the cost and time needed for shipbuilding, successful analysis will contribute greatly to the industry.
Q2: Please tell us why you chose
       Osaka University
       and about your plans after graduation.
When I was at the Department of Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of Istanbul University, I spoke with the department head about the area I wished to specialize in, and that was how I found out about the University of Osaka. With his recommendation, I decided to move on to this place, renowned for ship engineering. Given Japan's leading reputation for shipbuilding technology, I want to learn as much as possible while I'm here. I believe that the research I am currently pursuing in shipbuilding welding technologies (predicting and controlling deformation) will be fruitful. Although my future plans are not yet clear, I would like to work at a research center.