MD. Mahbubar
Bangladesh University of
Engineering and Technology
(BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh

Q1: Please tell us about your current research.
Study on Unsteady Flow around Ship Hull using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Applications of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to the maritime industry continue to grow as this advanced technology takes advantage of the increasing speed of computers. I studied the application of CFD for solving fluid structured interaction (FSI) problem during my previous research in Bangladesh. I analyzed the flow field and hydrodynamic forces around 2D-axisymmetric underwater vehicle hull. At Osaka University, I belong to the "Hull Form Design Subarea" of the department of NAOE under the supervision of Professor Yasuyuki Toda. Now I am doing course work, which is helping me to achieve enormous knowledge about naval architecture and ocean engineering. I want to expand my research to 3D analysis of the unsteady flow around ship hull and marine structure. I am trying to develop a mathematical model of ships for use in computer simulations. I desire to contribute something through my research, that would be helpful for optimum ship designing.
Q2: Please tell us why you chose
       Osaka University
       and about your plans after graduation.
My undergraduate and master were in Mathematics and then I pursued M. Phil. in Naval Architecture from Bangladesh University ofEngineering and Technology (BUET). As I interested in furthering my study in the field of Naval Architecture, I have been looking forward for suitable Institutions. In that time, I came across the department ofNavalArchitecture and Ocean Engineering (NAOE) of Osaka University. Japan is long known for its leadership in ship building industry and Osaka University plays an important role in this development. I am fortunate to besuccessful in getting a graduate studentship here. The resourceful laboratories, eminent faculty members of NAOE and the overall environment of the University are quite impressive to me. My dream is to do extensive research in my field and then go back to my country. The shipbuilding industry isnow flourishing in Bangladesh with assistance from its proven development partner, Japan. I want to contribute to the development of this sector with the expertise I would achieve through my research and study.