Harbin Engineering University

Q1: Please tell us about your current research.
Our team is recently focusing on establishment of fundamental engineering studies on biomimetic Underwater Vehicles and applying them to pragmatic problems, i.e. seabed sample and survey, underwater archaeology, offshore structure inspection and so on. What I am conducting now is the analysis of Fluid-Structure-Soil Interaction for the vehicle swimming in the sea or walking from water to ground, and the development of Flexible Pectoral Fins, which are used as the propulsive devices of the robot. In order to do this, CFD and FEM Programs have to be utilized interactively to evaluate and simulate the performance of Underwater Vehicles. During this process, we take the advantage of a growing body of knowledge into the ""why?" "and how?"" of fish, bird, reptile and mammal behaviors to extend the state of the art in underwater vehicles, demonstrating tangible results from a biomimetic approach. Our final goal is to develop biomimetic Underwater Robots capable of not only swimming and hovering precisely, but also walking effectively under different environments.
Q2: Please tell us why you chose
       Osaka University
       and about your plans after graduation.
Upon graduation of university, deep in my heart I felt I was supposed to accumulate knowledge to climb the peak of science to touch the essence of nature heart and soul, and spare every effort to apply the discoveries to benefit the world. We all know for decades Osaka University has been a leading centre of ship research and design, and is widely recognized for its contributions in areas of hydrodynamics, ship structural mechanics and underwater vehicles. More important, from my advisor and the websites, I know some professors have been taking action in the area of biomimetic vehicles and the hydrodynamic research of fish, which fascinated me profoundly. The work that the research team led by Professor Naomi Kato have done from "AQUA EXPLORER 1000" to "AQUA EXPLORER 2" to "Bass II" to "PLATYPUS" really shocked me. I am looking forward to making deep research on Underwater Vehicles in Osaka University. The top-notch research work, the state-of-the-art research facilities, and especially the world-level faculty in the esteemed Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering attract me deeply, and convince me that I can certainly learn and develop my ability of research more efficiently, and make breakthrough in the area of Ocean engineering. Having completed Ph.D. studies, I plan to return to China where I shall devote myself to the development in this area.