Vega Adan

Q1: Please tell us about your current research.
My current research project is in Plate Forming by Line Heating. The objective of this research is to develop an automatic system to forming ships side shell plates without significant human help. Today this process is carried out by skilled workers, but the number of those workers is decreasing. This is the main reason why the automatic operation has been strongly desired. Actually I am working in the simulation of the process; this simulation is carrying out to replace expensive and time consuming experiments. With this simulation we hope to develop an automatic method to predict accurately the final form of the plate that is formed by the line heating process.
Q2: Please tell us why you chose
       Osaka University
       and about your plans after graduation.
Although there are many reasons why I chose Osaka University the main reason is because the prestige and recognition of the Joining and Welding Research Institute. Additional to the above mentioned in this university I take classes in the department of Naval Architecture, that give me enough knowledge in the two main areas that I had been working in my country before came here; welding and ship structures inspection. When I complete my doctoral program here at Osaka University I will return home to continue my research and to work as a Technological University Professor. Also I hope to be able to introduce new knowledge and technology to the Panamanian industry.