Arianto Sigit

Q1: Please tell us about your current research.
I am currently studying an automatic pier docking system using the theory of neural networks. This would be applicable to boats that do not need to be towed by tugboats, such as ferries. The system is intended for use in ports where highly precise ship handling skills are needed. I am trying to create an automated navigation system that will allow vessels to dock safely even when affected by currents and waves. To do this, I also plan to conduct an experiment using a model ship based on analytical data.
Q2: Please tell us why you chose
       Osaka University
       and about your plans after graduation.
Before attending Osaka University, I conducted research on control system creation at the University of Arizona in the US. While conducting my research, I came across some online information about Prof. Hasegawa at Osaka University. I read academic articles and presentations on neural networks, and finally came to Japan in search of an optimal environment for further pursuing my research interests. This research has applications not only for ships, but also for the control of airplanes, trains, and automobiles, and it covers a research field that is always evolving. In the future, I would like to find applications for my research findings in business.