Hasanuddin University,
Makassar Indonesia

Q1: Please tell us about your current research.
I research on wave energy acting on a float-type breakwater. Front wall has holes which allow waves penetrate the wall of the float-type breakwater, and the holes’ structure is designed to distribute wave energy when a wave passes. The mathematical model is under developing to simulate how wave energy collides with breakwater, penetrates and reflects at an actual sea. It is required to understand advanced theories and solve complicated problems for such a wave energy problem, but it is very challenging and significant research which will contribute to the environmental protection.
Q2: Please tell us why you chose
       Osaka University
       and about your plans after graduation.
Osaka University is a huge university in Japan, so research environment of equipments, literatures, distinguished professors, etc. is satisfactory. This is the reason why I had chosen Osaka University as the place for studying abroad. I like the Japanese Lab. system which allows not only to concentrate on self research but also to have collaboration and discussions with lab. members. Although the numerical analysis of waves and its energy is really difficult problem, it is an indispensable for my research. Utilizing the knowledge and skills learned in Osaka University, I would like to continue this research even after returning to Indonesia.