Hoang Cong Liem
Hanoi University of Technology
I participate in the joint project promoted by Osaka University and national research institute etc., and the aim of this project is trying to reduce the frictional resistance of ships by micro bubbles. My current research is how to generate micro bubbles and which point is most efficient to inject micro bubbles for the reduction of resistance. I joined a model scale test and a full scale test using an actual ship until now. I am now analyzing the measured data, and I believe this research would be useful for energy saving of future vessels.

I experienced a 1600km sea trip in experiment using an actual ship.
In the full scale measurement, the round trip from the harbor in Chiba Prefecture to that in Hiroshima Prefecture. It was a 1600km sea trip. Usually, I do individual research with a professor's instruction at a laboratory, but the project’s and Lab’s member will gather in experiments. There are few opportunities working with a lot of researchers from institutes and companies, doing experiments using an actual ship, so I am pleased to join this precious experience by having studied in Osaka University.
I travel Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, etc. on a holiday.
I am satisfied with the life in Japan very much. The first reason is being able to concentrate on research. Research environment is well prepared, and students of the Lab. are studying hard, so I also have to do my best. Japanese people are friendly and they touch in good faith. If I have troubles, they will help me immediately. Moreover, Japanese food is very delicious, and it is very comfortable also from a safety point of view. One and a half year have passed after coming to Japan, it became good memories to have traveled for Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Hiroshima, Tokyo, etc. Although taking lectures and research are not problem, your life in Japan will become more joyful if you try to learn minimum Japanese.