Odessa National Maritime Academy
I researched on the efficient operation of marine engine in my mother country Ukraine, but I decided to come to Japan in order to expand my view and acquire the knowledge regarding the overall system of ships because Japan is a most advanced country in a naval architecture and ocean engineering field. The current research subject is the estimation of external force acting on a vessel during a voyage. Particularly, I study how the energy of wave would act as resistance or an obstacle with use of a numerical model. Because the estimation of external force on ships is closely concerned with engine control, it is expected that integrative research can be performed in the future.

All of lectures and research activities are OKed in English.
The life here in Japan is very satisfactory. Since all lectures of "International Graduate Course" and research supports for foreign students are done in English, it is possible to begin technical study immediately. In fact, after visiting Japan, I got to know Osaka University is a university leading the education of naval architecture and ocean engineering in Japan. Of course, professors' and students' level is quite high, so it was good choice for me. There are also a lot of lectures such as "Theory of Ship Waves" which are directly linked for my personal researches.
Everyday I talk with my family lived in a mother country through an internet vide call.
My family is in Ukraine, but I can communicate with my wife and children for 1 hour or more every day using the Internet skype phone. Since 3:00 p.m. in Japan is 9:00 a.m. in Ukraine, it is my daily pleasure to talk with my family in the intervals of research or after a lecture. It has become my motivation to see my wife's and children's smile through the internet video call. Although it is busy with research in weekday, I enjoy cycling in weekend and feeling a change of four seasons of Japan.